Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in 2023

More than five billion people are using WhatsApp right now and you must be using WhatsApp too.

You guys must also be using WhatsApp, there are many new features in WhatsApp, but today I will tell you how you can view anyone’s WhatsApp in full detail.

Top 5 WhatsApp tracker in 2023

In this article I am going to tell you about five apps that you can use to check anyone’s WhatsApp details and who they are talking to.

There are some apps through which you can extract someone’s WhatsApp data and I will tell you about those few apps.

Whichever method I will tell you guys, you have to follow it, then you guys can be the one to extract someone’s WhatsApp data.

  • Chat state
  • Chat chart
  • Chat analyzer
  • W-tracker
  • Whats,Me

Chat state

If you guys want to extract anyone’s WhatsApp data, then you won’t find a problem more than this app.

Through this app, you guys can be successful in extracting anyone’s WhatsApp data. I also like this app enough. I have used it many times.You can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

Chat chart

Through this app, you can get the full details of any person’s WhatsApp, the record of his complete messages will be available in this app, you can get his complete record from here. It is quite a wonderful application.

Have been using this app for a long time, this app has worked very well, so far, no complaint has been given. can load.

Chat analyzer

With this app you can analyze anyone’s WhatsApp chat and extract its complete details, you will get its in-line and offline sub-notifications, just download this app quickly from Google Play Store. And this app is very easy to use and will give you work for free.

W-tracker Last seen

Through this whatsapp tracker, people can track any person’s whatsapp whether he is online or offline at the moment, people will get his complete whatsapp online offline details at the last time.

When was he online complete details can be found through this application after entering the number in this application there is a start button click on it and you will get complete details.You can also download this app by dragging its name from the Google Play Store.


┬áThis app also works for WhatsApp tracking like other apps. You can also track someone’s WhatsApp through it. After entering any number in it, you will click on start.

The complete data of the number will be exposed to you, who he talks to, his WhatsApp chat groups, etc. All things will be visible to you. You can download this app from Google Play Store through his name.


In this article I have told you in full detail about five such apps through which you can check the complete data of anyone’s WhatsApp to see who they are talking to.

You will find in this article, read it completely and check its complete WhatsApp data in your mobile.

But I have given you this full description only for forced use, you guys are not to misuse it at all.

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